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Infinite Labs presents #ROADTOSHERUCLASSIC TRANSFORMATION SERIES,  a 6-week transformation program customized for everybody to boost their healthy lifestyle and maintain consistency in their exercise.

The 6-Week Transformation Challenge is started by Mr Sheru Aangrish, the CEO and co-founder of Sheru Classic. Mr Aangrish has been a renowned personality in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. After winning worldwide honours for his bodybuilding career, he is ready to share the best fitness training and information with all of us with the #RoadToSheruClassic.

With Mr Aangrish, the two leading personalities of Sheru Classic 6 Week Transformation Challenge, Mr Atinderjeet Singh and Dr Som Tugnait will address all the sessions. 

Mr Singh, bodybuilding and Lifestyle prep Coach, will conduct daily training and nutritional information sessions for the Six-Week Transformation Challenge. Dr Som Tugnait, former Asian and World medalist, is also known as India’s strongman. He also held the IFBB Pro League Judge position and was seven times National Champion. 

Each video of The Sheru Classic Transformation Challenge will also include a special “EXPERT ADVICE” session where Mr Tugnait gives valuable and never-before insights into fitness and addresses trending healthy lifestyle phenomena.

So pull up your sleeves and get ready to become a part of the remarkable journey of #Road to Sheru Classic 6-Week Transformation Challenge powder by Fit Human because our motive is not only to inspire you to have a fit body but also to give you scientific knowledge of having a fitness transformation which will benefit all of you for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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